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Deep Talk

Nelson Chamisa - Zimbabwe 2018 Elections.

Bishop Pride Sibiya - Glory Ministries Official Blog: Bishop Pride Sibiya Is An Apostle, Author, Blogger, Speaker, and The Founder, Bishop and President Of Glory Ministries.

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My Speaking Page

I understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker.

I quickly realized that success of an event came down to the quality of the speakers. If they hit it out of the park, we had a great event. If they didn’t, well … we had a not-so-great event. Like you, I found myself spending hours researching speakers, to make sure we had just the right fit. My hope is that this page will make it easy for you to get the information you need to make the best decision possible.

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks also for considering me. I am honored. If you would like to invite Apostle Pride and Anna Sibiya to speak at your Conference, Church or Event please mail us using the Contact Form below to mail a letter of invitation to our offices.

Please include the following information:

1. Name of Ministry or Organisation.
2. Name of Bishop, Pastor, or Conference Host
3. Details About The Meeting - location, purpose and scope, name of meeting and list of speakers (where applicable)
4. Specific dates (when possible)
5. Contact information

We look forward to serving you in the Kingdom! Use this form to submit any speaking requests that you might have.

Thank you and God bless!!


Email Address important

Content important

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