Thank you for your great love. Thanks, again for the great support you sent through for our highly successful Tiyambuke International Christian Convention and my ordination as Bishop. 

Bless you, more.

In the backdrop of these God has been showing us a great revival and opportunity for our ministry. The struggle is over, arise and build, take back your mountain (Joshua 14:12).

I want to ask you to seriously stand by your local pastor in all they need. This will release the anointing to prosper over you. These pastors are God's servants for you to excel, do not be familiar with them or look down upon them.
Bishop's Desk - To All Glory Ministries Sons and Daughters (September 2019 Message)
Maximise on their presence in your life. From this weekend do something for them, take them out, to a saloon, and as Mega Sunday approaches plan to give them the best than you have ever done. Our blessing is in our servants of God (2 Chronicles 20:20).

As I close, please:

1. Download, install and share my application Bishop Pride Sibiya for Android. (The IOS version is coming soon)

2. Like comment and share my articles across all Social Media Platforms.

3. Create at least one broadcast on WhatsApp where you share my articles daily and let us take over that mountain.

4. Subscribe to Glory Ministries YouTube Channel so you get fresh revelation every week. Ask for notifications!

5. Keep Tithing and Supporting the vision financially from wherever you are.
Bless you. Go and get your mountain. Build. Prosper!

Above all EX.PR.E.S.S!

Ngiyakuthanda Mtanami!

Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya
Glory Ministries Founder
Bishop's Desk - To All Glory Ministries Sons and Daughters (September 2019 Message)