This cruel world gets us down with its blows everyday but then there comes around someone who just changes the way we see ourselves and our lives, for the better. 

One such amazing person is Sinikiwe Nikki Kademaunga. Born without hands or knees and legs, Sinikiwe is disabled in a way we could never even imagine. While she had a difficult childhood, with people looking at her a certain way, and her family having a hard time accepting her disabilities, considering it a curse from the Gods; the 24-year-old has turned her life around and how!

Living in Harare, Zimbabwe, Sinikiwe’s grandmother was the one who made sure their home was accessible to her, and while daily tasks like eating and writing came easily to her, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the beautiful young woman not only does her own makeup (including wearing a wig), but that of others as well!

But that’s not the only amazing thing about her, it is Sinikiwe’s outlook on life, and her self-acceptance and love that is truly inspiring. Realising very early on that it was the people around her who made her feel different and unsuitable to society’s standards of beauty, Sinikiwe decided that she needed to love and accept, and be kind to herself - and the rest just followed.
Sinikiwe Kademaunga Is The Self-Love Icon We Need On This Dreary Wednesday
With so many men and women struggling with self-acceptance and love for the way they are or their own bodies, stories like that of Sinikiwe’s give us a whole new perspective. If someone with difficulties we couldn’t even imagine facing could be so positive and build a fulfilling life for themselves, then what’s stopping us?
Sharing her story with the world, Sinikiwe has an Instagram account and a blog where she keeps everyone updated with her life, and she has a great amount of followers, all as inspired by her as we are. To know more about Sinikiwe’s story, this touching video is a must-watch.