Disability advocate Sinikiwe Kademaunga AN INSPIRATIONAL woman born without fully developed limbs is making waves in the motivational speaking and beauty blogging world.

Sinikwe Kademaunga, from Harare, Zimbabwe, manages to do her own and others makeup and hair without hands - using just her arms, which end at the elbow. The pretty 24-year-old has an unknown disability that caused her limbs to stop growing in the womb, leaving her with shortened legs which stop before the knee. Sinikwe now educates about disabilities in her native country, and inspires thousands at her speaking events and online.

I hope those who say life has not been fair to them and at any open avenue, they have someone to blame for their shortcomings would have a change of heart after reading this article.
Meet Sinikiwe Kademunga, Without Limbs And Limitations

Sinikiwe Kademunga, the 24 years old Zimbabwean student and blogger is blistering that nothing in this world is impossible as long as you set your mind to it. Although Sinikiwe was born without knees and arms, she didn’t allow that pulverized her, not even her cultural, social, physical and economic barriers was able to stop her from inspiring her generation.

Sinikiwe who was raised by her grandmother in one of the rural areas of Zimbabwe overlooked all odds to outshine in her chosen field. She started her life by facing an intimidating challenge of going to school each day, a school which was about 15 kilometers walk from her house.

She is the winner of the 2016 Courage award for the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA). Currently she is about completing her degree in Social Work at the University of Cape Town. Sinikiwe also runs a blog named Life in the shoes of a short girl where she shares her life journey to inspire and mentor other young Africans like herself to be more buoyant in their own bodies and believe that anything is possible in life regardless of their physical barriers.
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If a young lady can chase her dreams notwithstanding all that life threw at her, what is your excuse?
Meet Sinikiwe Kademunga, Without Limbs And Limitations
Meet Sinikiwe Kademunga, Without Limbs And Limitations
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