In 2006, the Uganda Revenue Authority – URA launched an investigation into smuggled wine worth 250 million shillings.

This wine was impounded from Pastor Robert Kayanja’s residence that was under construction in Bunga-Kawukku, on the shores of Lake Victoria.

At that time, URA’s spokesperson, Patrick Mukiibi, said the investigations followed contradicting reports regarding the source and ownership of the smuggled wine.

Enock Walugembe, an official with URA alleged this was the fourth time in six months that URA had impounded goods from Pr Kayanja’s residence.

This report grew viral, tarnishing the image and reputation of Pastor Robert Kayanja, who was on 31st August 2006 prompted to release a press statement so as to clear the air.
Woman Makes Shocking Confession That Drives Pastor Robert Kayanja and Wife Jessica Into Tears
He trashed the accusations, especially those from media, urging that they were totally false .

“My advice would be that the media ought to be more discreet in disseminating information to the public because many times innocent people get hurt in the process.” He said.

He emphasized that this incident was only the second one to have happened at the site, the first one having happened in October 2005.

He added that the site was still uninhabited, thus in the hands of the construction company he had hired, DozerBuild (U) Ltd.

Several media houses lost sight of the saga proceedings with time, It is however on Tuesday this week that Pr Jessica Kayanja expressed her relief and reassurance.

The entire Church was shocked when a lady identified as Brenda Kasibo made a shocking confession before thousands that she, and her family were fully responsible for the smuggled wine URA impounded at Kayanja’s residence in Bunga-Kawukku.

On her knees and in tears, Brenda revealed that she was among the smugglers, and not Pr Robert Kayanja or his family.
“What you have done has vindicated my family, It has vindicated my children. It has vindicated generations that are to come. My children and grandchildren are not going to be known as wine smugglers. May God bless you so much,” Pr Jessica Kayanja said during Miracle Centre Cathedral 77 Days of Glory revival service.

Pastor Robert Kayanja forgave Brenda, who all along was afraid of making the confession for fear of going to jail.

“You are a Child of God, heir to the kingdom. Tell your family they have nothing to worry. We are all sinners saved by grace. The bible says that if we confess our sins, He is just to forgive. This is a week of new beginning – for your family. Ask them to come. Maybe we will have a cap of tea. We will pray. God is faithful,” Pastor Robert Kayanja told Brenda.

“While the media had a field day and the nation read and possibly believed a lie, my Family, the Church and I had to stand up to ridicule, despise and pain. We believed that God will exonerate us one day.” Pr Robert Kayanja further remarked after the confession.