Harare – One of the main Glory Ministries annual calendar events is the eagerly-awaited Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) – attracting congregates from all corners and walks of life.

The gathering offers many spiritual, personal and professional reasons and below we offer you some of the reasons why you must attend this year’s edition of TICC.

Presence of Kingdom Legends

The Tiyambuke Convention has attracted many Kingdom Legends over the years. Its pinnacle chapter remains Tiyambuke 2015: “Footprints of the Legends”, which was graced by Bishop Abel Sande “The Caterpillar”, who was almost 90 years of age at that time.

Tiyambuke Convention has recorded footprints of Apostle Alexander Chisango, Archbishop Asa Gurupira, Apostle Alfred Jaka, Apostle Noah Parwaringira, Bishop Ngwiza Mkandla and Evangelist Paul Saungweme. All these are tried and tested Kingdom Legends; who “have heard, have seen and have touched it”, if I may quote Archbishop Asa Gurupira from his message: “Dimensions of Fellowships”; Tiyambuke 2015. Attending Tiyambuke gives you an opportunity to receive from Kingdom Legends! They will give you practical wisdom and understanding on how to manage your life and/or run a ministry in a Godly manner.
Why You Must Attend TIYAMBUKE 2018 with Apostle Pride Sibiya
Why You Must Attend TIYAMBUKE 2018 with Apostle Pride Sibiya

Make a date with Kingdom Legends, even at this year’s Tiyambuke.

Sharpening The Axe

The world of aviation is blessed with many highly qualified and experienced pilots. You can come across a flight commander (captain) who has amassed more than 18000 flying hours under his professional belt, but being asked to attend a refresher Simulator Training course to “sharpen his flying skills”. Ordinarily, this does not make any sense! How can such an accomplished aviator undergo “retraining? The reason is simple: change is constant, and hence the need to continuously “sharpen the axe”. The same applies to our Christian lives and offices of calling. We will always require someone else to sharpen our axes, lest we might “crash our callings”. Come to Tiyambuke and have your spiritual axes sharpened.

New Tools Of The Trade

Attending Tiyambuke offers one with numerous options to acquire and/or upgrade to “new tools of trade”. These can range from live PowerPoint presentations, digital video disks, audio recordings, photos, published books, pamphlets, notes handouts and designs/decorations. After attending such a high profile conference one must go back home armed with new tools of trade. Come and grab your new tools of trade at Tiyambuke.

Networking and Building New Relationships

Tiyambuke attracts diverse people across the world, who all come to congregate together for one week as they enjoy life-changing teachings and ministration of the word. With such a dense population congregating under one roof, there are a lot of opportunities for one to create new networks and relationships. Some people can get their business breakthroughs during Tiyambuke! Some can get life-changing invitations during Tiyambuke! Others can even get connected to their life-time partners! There is a massive opportunity for networking and creation of new relationships. Don’t miss Tiyambuke; it could just be what God has ordered for you!

Change Of Learning Zone

Your servant of God could have taught you many times about salvation, baptism, tithing, evangelism, honouring servants of God, the Holy Spirit and many other critical biblical topics. But, one way or the other, you could still be struggling to understand these issues. But sometimes all you need is just a change of environment in order to grasp the same subjects but coming from a different voice. Many people suffer a lot from the spirit of familiarity, but when you hear another servant of God ministering on the same message, you could change your perspectives for the better. Tiyambuke offers you that opportunity. Come and learn from different voices in a different environment.

Investing In Yourself

Every year, farmers take time to put seed to the ground. Thereafter they go home expecting to harvest because they know they have invested in their fields. The same applies to us as human beings; we need to invest in our lives so that tomorrow we can harvest better returns. Tiyambuke offers you an opportunity to come and invest in your future spiritual life. Come and receive great teachings and invest in your spiritual growth. You cannot afford to suffer from “spiritual kwashiorkor” when Tiyambuke can just offer you your Kairos moment with God!

Learning Opportunities For All

Tiyambuke programs are designed in such a way that there will be morning/afternoon sessions for leadership, youth, men, women, couples and children’s church. Evening sessions are normally christened apostolic nights, prophetic nights, evangelism nights and worship nights. All these are meant to cover the diversity of people in attendance. Therefore, one way or another, you will have at least one area of speciality that addresses your spiritual needs. Make a date with God at Tiyambuke!

The Plenary Sessions

Sometimes sermons/teachings are delivered but people remain with their situational questions unanswered. The inclusion of plenary sessions offers the opportunity for people to ask their situation questions and have them addressed for the benefit of all. Therefore, prepare your situational questions and bring them to Tiyambuke!

Safe and Secure Environment

Tiyambuke is hosted in Zengeza 5 Extension, Chitungwiza (ZIMBABWE). The area has no recorded notoriety of serial repute. To further cushion the Tiyambuke attendees, Glory Ministries has put in place reputable security officers, under the church’s Security Department, who have received specialised trainings to carry out their mandate. In extreme cases, and where necessary, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will be enlisted to ensure maximum safety and security. While, in principle, Glory Ministries encourages everyone attending the Tiyambuke Convention to be responsible in safekeeping their belongings, the security officers deployed are also at your disposal to ensure your maximum safety and comfort. Attend Tiyambuke with peace of mind.

The Cost is Free

Since its inception, Tiyambuke is a “free-to-attend conference” to all non-Glory Ministries members. All the expenses are generally footed by Glory Ministries and its partners. Your only responsibility is to pack your “tools-of-trade” to use during the conference. In addition to that, just budget for buying conference materials to use later on at your comfort and convenience. Tiyambuke is FREE; please attend.

So whichever part of the world you are, we cordially invite you to come and attend the Tiyambuke 2018 Chapter dubbed “BUILDING KINGDOM GENERALS!” It will be running from 1 to 9 September 2018; where 1 and 2 are reserved for the Children’s Church programmes, then 3 to 9 are for the Main Conference. If you happen not to make it, you can still watch us live on Facebook account