The bishopric calling demands so much from the servants of God; both in their public and personal lives. And one such demand comes from the need to consistently follow and abide by the principles and laws of the spirit. 

Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya are one such principled bishopric couple who endeavour day in day out to follow laid down principles and laws of life. This has worked wonders in their spiritual and earthly lives. As Kingdom Generals, my spiritual parents have managed to replicate and cascade downwards the same beliefs into their sons and daughters scattered across the globe; and the results are amazing! In this article I endeavour to bring out some of the fundamental principles and laws of the spirit that have underlined and shaped the destiny of this God-loving couple! (All scriptures are from NKJV unless stated otherwise).

1. The Law of Love: Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya, and their entire family; talk love, eat love, drink love and live love!! They have demonstrated this with amazing consistency over the years; both to people in need and indeed. 

Their unmatched passion for love has been displayed and documented over the years even through:
i. Taking care of the disadvantaged, 
ii. Provision of schooling requirements to the underprivileged, 
iii. Some visitations cutting across all levels of societal habitats,
iv. Embracing of all believers regardless of spiritual ranks and societal standing, and crucially 
v. Eoldly refusing to endorse the popular public mantra of “back-to-sender”. “How can I pronounce back-to-sender slogans when it is against biblical teachings? How can I practice what Jesus condemned?” laments Apostle P. Sibiya in one of teachings. But where exactly does the Bible commands us to follow the law of love? 
The Life Of My Bishops: Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya and The Laws Of The Spirit (Part 1)
“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law” (Romans 13:8). We are all commanded to love notwithstanding the circumstances. My spiritual parents have applied this law to the bone for years; and I have witnessed thousands of lives being changed!!

2. The Law of Progression: Too many people expect to rise up quickly in life thereby skipping many crucial steps of progression. Because of such insatiable appetite for overnight success, we have seen people (even bishops) committing horrific crimes, resorting to witchcraft practices; and in some worst case scenarios we have even buried victims of these “get-successful-quick” mantras. It is imperative, and precisely so, to understand that there is a traceable progressive history behind every successful person on earth; servants of God included. 

There could be one or two exceptions to that rule-book, but the norm is success comes after a history of progression. Check the lives of Dr Billy Graham, Bishop TD Jakes, Dr Myles Munroe, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, Bishop Tudor Bismark and Bishop Dag Heward-Mills to mention a few!

I am proud to say that my spiritual parents have rich and documented progressive lives. They have passed through it all and overcame with relative success: lack of food and key resources, deserted by key ministry allies, orphaned early in their lives, hurling of insults by jealousy fellow clergymen, Satanism and theft accusations, and stunted ministry growth. Despite all these life obstacles, Apostles Sibiya have remained resolute; staying focused on their divine assignment, and today they eat what they want, fly to many global destinations to preach Jesus Christ, drive classic motor vehicle brands, and send their children to five-star schools! It was not like that at first; but it took progress and focus!

“For the earth yields crops by itself: first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head. But when the grain ripens, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come”
(Mark 4:28-29). This parable scripture, emanating from Jesus Christ himself, teaches us the law of progression. If it can apply to the farmer, it should apply to us as well.

3. The Law of Fatherhood and Sonship: Fatherhood and Sonship is one subject that has been viciously attacked and demonised, regrettably so, by some sections of the world and Christian faith. 

This has been primarily so because:
i. It has been abused by some senior servants of God, and therefore it is now purported to represent an unholy practice; and;
ii. It has been totally misunderstood altogether. Let’s take a look at the biblical reference of the same to draw primary meaning out of it:

“For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel”
(1 Corinthians 4:15). In this scripture, the Apostle Paul clearly demonstrates to us that he was the “father in the gospel” to the church at Corinth!! In that same regard, I am glad to say Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya are my “parents in the gospel” in the church of Glory Ministries. They, themselves, have Apostles Alexander and Analyn Chisango as their spiritual parents, who also in turn have Archbishops Ezekiel and Eunor Guti as their own spiritual parents! This they have taught me; and this they have lived it (with biblical reference): every person should have a biological parent and a spiritual parent. If you live your life without parental cover, chances of being doomed are high!!
4. The Law of Protocol: Spiritual protocol is a reference to the respect and honour accorded to those in authority in the house of God. In most cases, practically so, the people who meant to be respected and honoured do not necessarily “appear to deserve so”. They normally look very ordinary and uneducated in our own eyes, and sometimes they are not even eloquent speakers like us. 

However, God is a God of order; and he works with protocol both in the church and to the outside world. When Jesus Christ wanted to be baptised, he had to come before John the Baptist though he was God. He had to submit and obey John the Baptist (who was his creation by the way!!) to get baptised. Even when John realised that this was Jesus the Messiah, he tried to negate the role of baptising him, but Jesus Christ refused that because he knew at that moment the law of protocol favoured John above him!

My spiritual parents have taught me this law with practical ways even in their own lives. I have come to learn from them that:

i. A senior person must always be honoured and acknowledged. There are blessings for receiving and honouring a servant of God. 
ii. At any given function, the most senior person in the hierarchy must be given the room to direct proceedings, even from afar, unless he specifically assigns a junior person to represent him. 
iii. When you meet a senior person try by all means to seed something in their lives. It is for your own good! 
iv. When you meet a senior person, do not introduce yourself in titles. Instead, you just become a “Sibiya” or a “Zuze” and let the senior servant of God have the limelight.

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God” (Romans 13:1). It is biblical to be subject to authority, and there are so many blessings and benefits for yourself and your future generations.

I will be continuing again in Part 2 of the same series: “The Life Of My Bishops!”
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya
Written Elder Tapiwa Zuze. Deputy Executive Administrator, Glory Ministries

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