In 2012 before I began the work of ministry the Lord specifically told me that before I pioneer our church I needed to know and understand what it meant to have the heart of a good shepherd. 

My question then was, “What does it mean to have the heart of a good shepherd”.

I studied scripture particularly the life of David and got some answers. Even though I got some answers and began the work of ministry in 2013 I felt there was need to learn from a modern David and just yesterday as I was in my father’s office at around 2100Hrs I felt inspired to write this article.

By simple definition to have the heart of a good shepherd means to sacrifice and do all you can for the protection, prosperity and well-being of the flock. And this character trait is what I have found in Apostle Sibiya. Though they are many, I will mention only three ways that have proved to me that Apostle has the heart of a good shepherd. 
The Heart Of A Good Shepherd
1. Sacrifice Of Personal Time. A good shepherd gives his time for the sheep. Many a time I have witnessed Apostle and Mama Sibiya conduct late night counseling sessions and they always make time for home visitations despite their busy schedule. Apostle always tries to make time for the flock even at the expense of his health.

2. Sacrifice Of Resources. I have seen the servant of God sacrifice both his money and resources for the advancement of the kingdom. The heart of a man is seen on whom and where his sacrifices go (Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also).

3. Leadership From The Front (John 10:4). Apostle leads by example and has never demanded that the flock does what he is not doing. He is the first to give an offering in church. He is always a step ahead and he goes an extra mile for the advancement of the Kingdom

Written By Apostle Adolphas Chibanda.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
Apostle Pride Sibiya