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Deep Talk

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Anchor To Apostle Pride Sibiya's Ship

Am amazed at how a big ship can be rightfully positioned and held steady in one place by a heavy metal object called an anchor. I have known the ministry of Apostle Sibiya to be firm and steady because of the strength of the anchor in his life. 

What then is this anchor?

The popular saying goes, ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’ and this is true even in the life of Apostle Sibiya who is happily married to Mama Anna Sibiya - the anchor in his life. I would like to describe her in just three simple ways.
Mama Anna Sibiya with her Daughter Anouya Sibiya
Mama Anna Sibiya with her Daughter Anouya Sibiya
1. An Advocate Of The Truth: Mama is one person who does not beat about the bush, in fact she calls a spade a spade and she’s a non-compromiser of the truth. John 8:32 says, ‘The truth will set you free.’ Her advice is sound and often comes when she has heard both sides of the story.

2. Great And Down To Earth: 
Though she is a firm person, Mama has a very good sense of humour and this is what makes it easy for us the children to find comfort in her presence. Being able to relate to people of any caliber is what makes her unique in that everyone feels welcome to converse with her.

3. Powerful And Prophetic Minister Of The Word: 
Countless people have been transformed by the prophetic grace upon Mama and even more are going to be restored especially as she ministers at this year’s edition of Tiyambuke International Christian Conference dubbed ‘Building Kingdom Generals’.
Apostle Pride and Anna Tendai Sibiya
Apostle Pride and Anna Tendai Sibiya
I have come to conclude that Mama is not only an extra-ordinary anchor in the life of the Apostle but a strong and humble one whose wisdom is undeniably seen by all who know the Apostle.

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