Peace begins in your heart ‘When Jesus greeted His disciples after resurrection, He said, ‘peace be unto you.’ They were entering into the season of the spirit. These are the fruits you are supposed bear. Peace means deliverance from any form of violence, prosperity in your social welfare and finance.

Peace begins in your mind and extends outwards. If you are always complaining about everything, you are not at peace.Some people have confidence with their lack of peace. Peace is of God not yours; it comes from God not men,’ the District Pastor, Evangelist Brighton Madziro said.

‘Peace is a fruit of the spirit; it is obtained by a process like that of a tree. A tree will bear fruits after shedding its leaves; it must be pruned to bear fruits. Shifting to different churches means you have no peace. Your character is shaped by meeting God in times of difficulty. Even in times of death you must have peace,’ according to District Pastor, Evangelist Brighton Madziro.
   Peace is a fruit of the spirit
‘If you have more fruit of the flesh than the spirit, you are not at peace.Prosperity follows a good character; bad character can hinder God to prosper you. There can be no peace at your home if you have no peace with God. When God tells you to something and you disobey, you will never attain peace.’

Four things that reform a Christian’s life
A Christian’s life is reformed by four things, according to District Pastor, Evangelist Brighton Madziro.

1. Prayer
2. Attending church service
3. Worshiping
4. Studying the bible. – Derick Matsengarwodzi (Glory Media).