MUST READ AND DO: Satan gave birth to triplets against you and these 3 work together against you:

1. Urombo or Poverty - Means Lacking. Money does not even like you despite the fact that you like it, when it sees you to sprints like Usain Bolt!

2. Urombe - You buy a T.V at R1000 today but tomorrow you will have to sell it at R600 to get the next meal. There is no profit in your life and you dispose negatively all you once aquired. You cannot be yourself if you handle money, you only settle when you have spent it. The first thing to enter your mind when you have money is women or another wife/small house, you come home late and leave church because you r promoted and feel it is no longer your type. What type are you?

3. Urovha - Means you spend the better part of your life doing non-productive activities and out of employment. In 2 years you work in 10 different companies, insufficient to have a proper pension.
MUST READ AND DO: Satan gave birth to triplets.
These 3 have attacked my family and friends and having tried all there is no solution. It's like the boy with a demonic, epileptic spirit that was brought to the apostles and they failed. When Jesus came he gave the solution: your faith or lack of! He went on to say, some spirits leave only with fasting in addition to prayer.
When you wanna cast out an evil spirit in your body, pray but also fast FOOD which makes the body grow. If you want deliverance in these three demons pray and fast 10% MONEY and INCOME. That is the basic and first way on your journey to conquer the triplets. If you do so, will tell you what to do next!

If you wanna overcome, shout, "Lord help my unbelief!"