"Lord may you do these four things for me and my pal reading this post, that you did for Jabez. Though his name meant 'sorrow, pain, poverty ...' you granted him his request and turned his captivity by your Mighty Hand. 

Please Lord:

1. Bless us indeed, empower us to prosper wherever we are, cause us to blossom wherever we are planted.

2. Enlarge our coast, increase us, multiply us, give us capacity, help us destroy every limitation set on our lives in Jesus' mighty name.

3. Let your hand be upon us, protect us, guide us, strengthen us, be with us and;
Apostolic Prayer and Decree Fro You and Me!
4. Protect us from evil that it may not hurt us or cause us to demean you because of the blessing you would have given us. Break the bow and arrow of those who fight us and leave their dogs toothless.
Thank you Lord for hearing this prayer and granting our request!"

May you no longer be Jabez but be Judah (militant praise). May you be more honourable than all your breathren, may you be the praise of your brothers in Jesus' name!

Apostle Pride Sibiya