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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Peace begins in your heart ‘When Jesus greeted His disciples after resurrection, He said, ‘peace be unto you.’ They were entering into the season of the spirit. These are the fruits you are supposed bear. Peace means deliverance from any form of violence, prosperity in your social welfare and finance.

Peace begins in your mind and extends outwards. If you are always complaining about everything, you are not at peace.Some people have confidence with their lack of peace. Peace is of God not yours; it comes from God not men,’ the District Pastor, Evangelist Brighton Madziro said.

‘Peace is a fruit of the spirit; it is obtained by a process like that of a tree. A tree will bear fruits after shedding its leaves; it must be pruned to bear fruits. Shifting to different churches means you have no peace. Your character is shaped by meeting God in times of difficulty. Even in times of death you must have peace,’ according to District Pastor, Evangelist Brighton Madziro.
   Peace is a fruit of the spirit
‘If you have more fruit of the flesh than the spirit, you are not at peace.Prosperity follows a good character; bad character can hinder God to prosper you. There can be no peace at your home if you have no peace with God. When God tells you to something and you disobey, you will never attain peace.’

Four things that reform a Christian’s life
A Christian’s life is reformed by four things, according to District Pastor, Evangelist Brighton Madziro.

1. Prayer
2. Attending church service
3. Worshiping
4. Studying the bible. – Derick Matsengarwodzi (Glory Media).

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Jesus tells us that, "my peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I you." Thank God this is Jesus.

When the world gives, it decides to take back when angry with you. When the world gives, it may give you syrup and tell you it is honey. When the world gives, it goes around telling everyone. When the world gives, it is after something from you.

When you are sick for 2 days, the world will say, peace, but when you are sick for 20 days they say, die ...!
My peace
BUT Jesus does not give us peace the same way the world does, halleluah. I have peace in my heart because the Prince of Peace is Faithful unlike the world. I might not have this and that but I have genuine peace from a genuine Saviour. Amen.

I speak peace to you, not the peace of the world but the peace from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ! Amen. Love you!

Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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MUST READ AND DO: Satan gave birth to triplets against you and these 3 work together against you:

1. Urombo or Poverty - Means Lacking. Money does not even like you despite the fact that you like it, when it sees you to sprints like Usain Bolt!

2. Urombe - You buy a T.V at R1000 today but tomorrow you will have to sell it at R600 to get the next meal. There is no profit in your life and you dispose negatively all you once aquired. You cannot be yourself if you handle money, you only settle when you have spent it. The first thing to enter your mind when you have money is women or another wife/small house, you come home late and leave church because you r promoted and feel it is no longer your type. What type are you?

3. Urovha - Means you spend the better part of your life doing non-productive activities and out of employment. In 2 years you work in 10 different companies, insufficient to have a proper pension.
MUST READ AND DO: Satan gave birth to triplets.
These 3 have attacked my family and friends and having tried all there is no solution. It's like the boy with a demonic, epileptic spirit that was brought to the apostles and they failed. When Jesus came he gave the solution: your faith or lack of! He went on to say, some spirits leave only with fasting in addition to prayer.
When you wanna cast out an evil spirit in your body, pray but also fast FOOD which makes the body grow. If you want deliverance in these three demons pray and fast 10% MONEY and INCOME. That is the basic and first way on your journey to conquer the triplets. If you do so, will tell you what to do next!

If you wanna overcome, shout, "Lord help my unbelief!"

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"Lord may you do these four things for me and my pal reading this post, that you did for Jabez. Though his name meant 'sorrow, pain, poverty ...' you granted him his request and turned his captivity by your Mighty Hand. 

Please Lord:

1. Bless us indeed, empower us to prosper wherever we are, cause us to blossom wherever we are planted.

2. Enlarge our coast, increase us, multiply us, give us capacity, help us destroy every limitation set on our lives in Jesus' mighty name.

3. Let your hand be upon us, protect us, guide us, strengthen us, be with us and;
Apostolic Prayer and Decree Fro You and Me!
4. Protect us from evil that it may not hurt us or cause us to demean you because of the blessing you would have given us. Break the bow and arrow of those who fight us and leave their dogs toothless.
Thank you Lord for hearing this prayer and granting our request!"

May you no longer be Jabez but be Judah (militant praise). May you be more honourable than all your breathren, may you be the praise of your brothers in Jesus' name!

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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Most people want the water in the container but throw away the container after use. How could you have drunk the water without the container? 

The name of the water is on the container ... the expiry date ... the quantity ... the minerals ... even the address to get more fresh water is not on the water but on the container. That is the power of the container!
Content Or Container?
Many say, "I do not respect a man, I do not care about the pastor, I do not mind about the man, I just honour the anointing in him!" How can you partake of the anointing whilst ignoring the container...oneday you will drink expired water!

Value the CONTENTS but also value the CONTAINER!

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Wherever you are as I am praying for people now, receive your breakthrough, receive your healing, receive your protection, receive MEGA, be delivered, in Jesus' name. 

I rebuke every sickness, every demon behind any demonic condition in your life by the power of the Holy Ghost, I rebuke those sores, the cancer in your body, the disease in your blood, in your bones, I rebuke every enemy cursing your life, in the name of Jesus!
Mega Prayers with Apostle P. Sibiya
Take time to praise God as you receive your miracle now!

Testify what God has done for you.

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Chinhu chaurikuda haisi mari, murume kana basa...urikuda makomborero. Gomborero raMwari ndiro rinotiita vapfuma uye hariwedzeri dambudziko. 

Usatsvake mari, tsvaka chikomborero...the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it.

Kana usina kukomborerwa: Mukomana anobva kumba achiti, ndomuudza chete, asvika pauri oti, asi ndashaya mazwi! Anoti kunze kwapisa, dai mvura yanaya, mabhazi ekwedu anomhanya ... iweukuda kuroorwa ipapo!
MUST READ Dai Maiziva ...!
Mumba munogara mune mhere-mhere kurovana zvekuti vavakidzani vanongoswwero-imba, problem, there is a problem, next door, next door, next door!

Munobika sadza rekuti hamuonane umwe ari kuseri asi mapedza kudya morovana muchibvunzana kuti, sadza rafamba sei?

Munotenga margarine, mwana ozvinamira nawo mumusoro! Pamba panenge pachipatara nevarwere!
Nyangwe ukakwira kombi inevarume vega vega uriwe wega musikana, hapana kana anotombocheuka! Kwese kwaunoenda ndiwe unopihwa mhosva, nyangwe uri muenzi! Kana parufu, sadza rinoperera pane wawakagarisana naye!!!

Kuti dai maiziva, maikumbira makomborero kunaMwari Baba!
1. Gashira Jesu saIshe naMponesi
2. Enda kukereke
3. Bvisa chegumi
4. Ipa
5. Namatirwa mweya yetsvina ibve
6. Pihwa munamato wekukomborerwa.

Ndaona wapunduka! Haurambe wakadaro! Rudo rwangu kwamuri!

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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Peace of God...wow, I receive!

When all is but sickening, the peace of God will preserve you. I declare that, the peace of God that transcends, that surpasses all understanding be yours from today, in Jesus' name!

When David had fought enemies for a long time, God finally gave him peace from all his enemies and he established the kingdom. The level above shouting, "Back To Sender," or "Kill them," is a level of peace where God grants you favour from your enemies.
No More Back To Sender ...!
"May God give you peace from all your enemies, may the Prince of Peace so overtake your life and give you grace that your enemies will support you, in Jesus' name!

I receive, what about you?

Apostle Pride Sibiya on Fruit of the Spirit: Peace!

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Ma'seris the Hebrew word for tithe, literally meaning a tenth part.it is a tenth of all your income, livestock, fruit of the tree and all. 

Tithe from the onset is not yours but belongs to God so you should not even budget for yourself before putting away the tithe. It is the first thing on your budget(Leviticus 27:30-32). Tithing is taking 10% of all your income back to God by presenting it in His House, the Church.

(Most Info from Propet B. Chiza, The Blessing Connector.)
Tithing is not a burden and it is not doing God a favour because God owns everything and everything that you have was initially given you and can be taken back by Him. God does not become "more God" because you have tithed but you become blessed because of tithing.

Not tithing is tantamount to robbing God and brings a curse on your life. A robber is a person who despoils another of property or belongings by violence, feloniously plunder, depriving what is due to another person. A curse is the empowerment to fail. you can read Malachi 3:8-12. Which robber is better, the one who robs banks and the one robbing an invisible, Almighty being?
What is a tithe?
If you tithe God promises to open the floodgates of Heaven and when you give He pours out a mighty blessing on you. A blessing is the empowerment to prosper. Tithe opens the floodgates of Heaven, offerings provoke pouring of a blessing. the two must always be together to work properly. after this provide God a work He can bless then watch and see what the Lord will do.
Many people who do not tithe never know where their money is going. They try business exploits and they fail, they try other things and fail, their marriages are unhappy, their lives sad, their families constantly sick, they end up witch-hunting or blaming other people for their woes.

My prayer is you fully understand the blessing, not burden, of tithing and henceforth live a life of tithing and blessing. If you do not start this Sunday you will never do. I will never be poor again, I am a tither, I am a giver, I am a worker!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

This is a condition of the heart that makes you to be staedy even in the face of a storm. Jesus slept soundly in the face of a storm. Paul and Silas sang and praised on the eve of their execution. Paul prophesied in the midst of a shipwreck. This can only happen by the Spirit. Peace is a fruit of the Holy Ghost!

Today allow His flood of peace overflow your storm of troubles.

"Therefore will not we fear though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea, though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, thouugh the mountains shake with the swelling thereof" Psalm 46:2-3.

Great day!
I love you!

Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

One of the ways demons infest people is by way of eating in your sleep. Well everyone will obviously dream eating once in a while and this is perfectly normal but when it gets extreme it may become demonic.

A man dreamt someone giving him food, last week. He was hungry in the dream and devoured the food. After eating all of it the person laughed at him telling him that was not food but nails, I mean zvipikiri! In the dream he started blleding from his stomach area.

The man awoke feeling full. After a few days he realised that he was eating but not visiting the toilet. He was not excreting. He therefore went to the doctors, was scanned and found that his intestined now had a growth which blocked them. He was due for an op but thank God a prayer saved him.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
How many people dream feasting everyday? Eating with mermaids in water? Being fed by relatives who passed on? Cooking and eating daily? Eating a piece of meat at the graveyard?
Eating In Your Dreams
Adam lost the glory when he ate what he was not supposed to eat, do not eat what you are not supposed to eat!

Some so called cancers, lumps, growths, stomach problems, period pains and sicknesses including false TB are caused by human deposits you get by feasting in your dreams. Reject the devil now!
Just last week my Harare pastor delivered a man who had been fed on blood and he vomited the blood in front of everyone(pic provided). Can you just raise your faith so I can pray with you. Send me a pic of what happens. Pray with me!

"Lord I thank you for this message. I testify that I am of God and I reject every deposit that has been placed in my body. I reject it now and I command everything that is not of God in me to come out now, in Jesus' name. Every spirit in my belly, get out now in Jesus name. Amen"

Repeat till you are free!

Apostle Sibiya

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The king of the jungle always gets the attention. But shouldn't we spend some time looking at the power behind the throne, the queen of the jungle?

Women are like the lioness. They are powerful, strong and nurturing. Remember: You are stunning. You were born for this moment. Don't be afraid of your strength, questions, or insights. Awaken, rise up and dare to realize all you were created to be.

The Lioness is a good mother. A lioness will not endanger another lioness's cub any more than she'd endanger her own. As women, we should be committed to putting distance between all Earth's children and whatever endangers them or threatens them. It is not enough to be concerned with our own children. Every child deserves an equal chance of survival. Every child needs to be protected, nurtured, trained and provided for.

A Lioness is a strong and powerful creature. The Lioness is at ease with her strength, at rest with her power They are powerful hunters, but spend much of their time in rest and play. Women are the same. If we limit ourselves with our fear of our own might, we forfeit our strength and beauty. When we stop struggling in our own ability, our true strength is revealed. Embrace your strength! Do not mistake meekness for weakness! It is tempered strength and controlled might!
The Lioness Of Judah: Women Who Roar!!
The Lioness Of Judah: Women Who Roar!!
The Lioness sets aside former limitations. Lionesses often fail when they first learn to hunt, but that doesn't mean they never hunt again. Hardship is a catalyst for improvement. You may fail at your first attempts to develop strength, but this is part of the learning process. Accept your failures as stepping stones to your strength and future successes.

The Lioness helps those who falter. A lioness will bring meat to a lion that is afraid to venture into the wilderness himself. Women should also reach out to those who need help. Turning back or waiting for others may slow you down, but only at first. The deliberate extension of goodness, generosity and wisdom always wins out in the end.

The Lioness hunts with other lionesses. 
Lionesses are the only big cats that hunt in concerted groups. They also groom each other after the hunt. Women must help each other keep our lives clean. We speak into one another's lives and invite others to give their input as well. Together, we laugh, cry, pray and confess fears, sins and weaknesses. Sometimes we disagree but that doesn't mean we disband. Just as lionesses hunt together, without competition and without breaking rank, no woman's portion or contribution is more significant than another's. Each woman has her own skill set that contributes to a valued whole.

The Lioness is stunning. A lioness is a beautiful creature. They move with purpose, aware that the survival of their pride depends on their legacy of skill and strength. Women of every shape, size and color are as stunning, wild and fierce as the lioness. There is incredible beauty in the strength of a woman. You are capable of incredible things. Recognize this and revel in it!

The Lioness has prowess. Lionesses are the height of hunting prowess. Their ability to provide for their pride is unmatched. Like the lioness, women too have prowess. There is exceptional ability, strength or valor waiting to be developed in every woman's life. You may not know or do everything, but what you do know, you chose to do well!

The Lioness hunts in the dark. A lioness has the ability to see in the dark. She can take the smallest point of light and transform it into sight. Women too should take the smallest points of light and hope and transform them into sight. There are desperate people all over the world who are trapped in the darkness, waiting for someone to bring hope into their lives. There is power in the realization of a connection, that we are not alone in our struggles. So reach out to those around you with darkness in their lives and offer them hope, love and light!

The Lioness lives in the light. When a lioness isn't hunting, she has no reason to move about in the shadows. She conducts her life in the open, sun-filled expanses of Africa. She feels no shame and no need to hide. Like the lioness, women must live their lives in the open with a light-filled heart. You alone have the power to open your life to sunlight and live without fear or shame.
The Lioness Of Judah: Women who roar!!
Lionesses roar. When the cubs are threatened, lionesses will roar as a group in a fearless proclamation of protection. Women must also be a voice for the voiceless. We must learn to live what is within us out loud. All the intangibles of faith, hope and love become tangible within individuals, and are expressed in our unified response to the world's needs.

Our roar will be the collective expression of hope and love to everyone around us and to all those who need us.

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