‘EVERY person is born for a specific destiny. Your parents might have made a mistake but you are not a mistake of life. It is people who know their purpose in life that prosper. Some people complain about everything in life but God knows your future before you were even born. Even if you don’t know your future, God knows it before you were conceived (Jeremiah 1).’

This was anexplicit message by the eloquent orator Apostle Pride Sibiya during the Prosperity Night hosted every Wednesday night at Bethel Worship Centre.

In his sermon titled: What is in your hand, which was meant to unlock potential in worshipers.

‘Never regret your family background. God will start with an individual in your family then the whole tribe will prosper. Your purpose is to know why you are here and to die serving your purpose. Do not try to duplicate or envy someone’s talent because everyone is created differently,’ said Apostle Sibiya, anesteemed equipper of God’s word.
What is in your hand?
‘God gives you a talent at birth. Your presence must make a difference in society. Never underestimate your gift, even if seems insignificant. God creates a deficiency and people will pay for your gift. Your prosperity lies in your gift. Whatever you need, God has given you. Your business capital is not money but the word.

Some challenges in your life come because you are a blessing. Moses used his cane to deliver a nation. God is not searching for big talents but whatever you have. When God touches you, you will prosper. Furtherto the nine spiritual gifts, there are also different forms of talents including: singing, jokes, administration etc.’

According to (Jeremiah 48:10), many people stay away from their talents because of fear and being looked down upon. – Glory Media.