PROCEEDING his previous teachings on the fruit of the spirit, Apostle Pride Sibiya preached on joy. He said without joy, you have no character, preaching from Galatians 5:18).

The teachings on the fruit of the spirit will last for next nine weeks.

Joy is not happiness. The two are completely different. Happiness manifest when things are right in your life; it comes from outward news that affect you. Whilst joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit; it is an inward thing that affects the outward; it comes from the heart not the bank.  

The fruit of the spirit part 3 – The Fruit Of Joy
‘Many are stressed because they don’t have the joy of the Lord. You have everything but you don’t have joy of the Lord and strength. When situations are not right, happiness will run away because it is not spiritual. When you get good news happiness and joy is there. When bad news come happiness disappears but joy will stay.

Don’t operate in the level of happiness. Don’t wait for outward conditions to bring joy to your family. Joy is not affected by your outward situations. You endure a life because the joy of the Lord is coming. God’s joy pains Satan because it is his will. You must be happy even in trouble to defeat the devil.

You are not a thermometer but a thermostat; don’t be changed by bad situations. Praise the Lord always. If you wait for a day to be happy, it may never come. Don’t wait for someone even your partner to make you happy. The joy of the Lord is your strength. The joy of the Lord will defeat the devil’