THERE are nine fruits of the spirit that defines a Christian mentioned in (Galatians 5:22),namely: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

‘The character of Jesus is exhibited by the fruits of Jesus Christ. The gifts stand upon these nine fruits. It is worthless to be a powerful preacher but you are adulterer. These fruits show that Christ is holy and righteous. Gifts of the spirit attract people but the fruits will keep them closer to you, according to Apostle Pride Sibiya.

True Christians are not seen by acts or gifts but by fruits of the spirit. We don’t know servants of God by the number of people being delivered. Don’t follow miracles, don’t just follow anyone. Character is more powerful than gift. Some people are powerful but are not strong.’

What is self control?
Teaching from (1 Corinthians 9), Apostle Pride Sibiya focused on self control, an important facet for a true Christian life.

‘World war three is between you and your flesh. Our flesh has appetites which are against the spirit. In September, the Holy Spirit ministered to me to teach on self control. When one is in Christ he is a new creature in spirit and not flesh. What is painful is to leave your past acts and weaknesses. You are tempted by your own lust.
Fruits of the spirit:  What is self control?
The devil will make a follow up on you. It easy to control other people but lack self control. A true Christian stands by his principles. The difference is to draw the line between good and bad. Your greatest enemy is you.’

‘How do you react when there is easy money? Control yourself when faced with temptation. Be ruthless with yourself when you want to see the Kingdom of God. What is your agenda for coming to church? Don’t speak words that you will later regret.’

According to (Proverbs 12:16), one must learn to control their lives. Don’t throw back words at your offender. Don’t say bad words to your parents; otherwise you will lose your blessings.’

How to achieve self control

1. Yield to the presence and ministry of the holy spirit
2. Set your own boundaries
3. Decide to live within those boundaries
4. Do away with friends who do not follow your faith
5. Keep away from tempting situations
6. Ask other people to help you when you fall