People are destroyed because of lack of knowledge! The bible says the devil will create a gathering that will fight against you. 

As a child of God even when they gather against you, let them because know that as they gather, they are not gathering in the name of the LORD. So even when they gather and ploy and plan for your demise the LORD will not fight it. He will not stop that. Though they gather the important thing to remember is that the LORD will not allow your enemy to touch you.

Let your enemy create weapons against you, but remember that the LORD says , 'no weapon the enemy will forge against you will prosper!'

Today I will deal with spiritual husbands and and spiritual wives. I remember praying for a certain girl and upon laying my hand on her a spirit manifested and when I asked it, it said I am her spiritual husband.

I speak to all spiritual wives and husbands that dwell in people, if you are under the sound of my voice I cast you out in the name of Jesus.

A spiritual spouse is a spirit that marries itself to you. This spirit will come and approach you at night and becomes intimate with you. This spirit will come and marry itself to you in a way that stifles or stops you from being married.
Dealing with Spiritual Husbands and Spiritual wives by Apostle P. Sibiya
Spiritual husbands are in three part:

1. Goblins: This comes upon your life after a relative visits a witch doctor to enhance a business. This spirit will come upon a person and stops all boys from courting you.

2. Spiritual Husbands which comes as an avenging spirit: An avenging spirit is released into your family when your great grand father killed a person and in the killing of this person releases ngozi (avenging spirit.) So this means avenging spirits can come as a spirit husband.
3. Spirit husband come as spiritual Bluetooth (mubobobo): This is when a person becomes intimate with someone from a distance whilst using juju.

What does this spirit cause:
1. The spirit causes rejection in your life, and this means you will not get married because you are already married in the spirit.

2. The demon will make you look like a man even when you are a beautiful girl. The ones who are supposed to love you will see you as a man.

3. These spirits causes unnecessary sickness in your life. (A girl's father had done juju on his daughter to stop her from getting married)

4. The spirit causes lack of love and unity in the home. (I remember how a couple on their marital bed faced a challenge when the wife's voice all of a sudden became a that of a male.)

If you have been facing any of this kind of attack, be delivered in the name of Jesus.