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Sunday, 26 October 2014

‘EVERY person is born for a specific destiny. Your parents might have made a mistake but you are not a mistake of life. It is people who know their purpose in life that prosper. Some people complain about everything in life but God knows your future before you were even born. Even if you don’t know your future, God knows it before you were conceived (Jeremiah 1).’

This was anexplicit message by the eloquent orator Apostle Pride Sibiya during the Prosperity Night hosted every Wednesday night at Bethel Worship Centre.

In his sermon titled: What is in your hand, which was meant to unlock potential in worshipers.

‘Never regret your family background. God will start with an individual in your family then the whole tribe will prosper. Your purpose is to know why you are here and to die serving your purpose. Do not try to duplicate or envy someone’s talent because everyone is created differently,’ said Apostle Sibiya, anesteemed equipper of God’s word.
What is in your hand?
‘God gives you a talent at birth. Your presence must make a difference in society. Never underestimate your gift, even if seems insignificant. God creates a deficiency and people will pay for your gift. Your prosperity lies in your gift. Whatever you need, God has given you. Your business capital is not money but the word.

Some challenges in your life come because you are a blessing. Moses used his cane to deliver a nation. God is not searching for big talents but whatever you have. When God touches you, you will prosper. Furtherto the nine spiritual gifts, there are also different forms of talents including: singing, jokes, administration etc.’

According to (Jeremiah 48:10), many people stay away from their talents because of fear and being looked down upon. – Glory Media.

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THERE are nine fruits of the spirit that defines a Christian mentioned in (Galatians 5:22),namely: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

‘The character of Jesus is exhibited by the fruits of Jesus Christ. The gifts stand upon these nine fruits. It is worthless to be a powerful preacher but you are adulterer. These fruits show that Christ is holy and righteous. Gifts of the spirit attract people but the fruits will keep them closer to you, according to Apostle Pride Sibiya.

True Christians are not seen by acts or gifts but by fruits of the spirit. We don’t know servants of God by the number of people being delivered. Don’t follow miracles, don’t just follow anyone. Character is more powerful than gift. Some people are powerful but are not strong.’

What is self control?
Teaching from (1 Corinthians 9), Apostle Pride Sibiya focused on self control, an important facet for a true Christian life.

‘World war three is between you and your flesh. Our flesh has appetites which are against the spirit. In September, the Holy Spirit ministered to me to teach on self control. When one is in Christ he is a new creature in spirit and not flesh. What is painful is to leave your past acts and weaknesses. You are tempted by your own lust.
Fruits of the spirit:  What is self control?
The devil will make a follow up on you. It easy to control other people but lack self control. A true Christian stands by his principles. The difference is to draw the line between good and bad. Your greatest enemy is you.’

‘How do you react when there is easy money? Control yourself when faced with temptation. Be ruthless with yourself when you want to see the Kingdom of God. What is your agenda for coming to church? Don’t speak words that you will later regret.’

According to (Proverbs 12:16), one must learn to control their lives. Don’t throw back words at your offender. Don’t say bad words to your parents; otherwise you will lose your blessings.’

How to achieve self control

1. Yield to the presence and ministry of the holy spirit
2. Set your own boundaries
3. Decide to live within those boundaries
4. Do away with friends who do not follow your faith
5. Keep away from tempting situations
6. Ask other people to help you when you fall

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PROCEEDING his previous teachings on the fruit of the spirit, Apostle Pride Sibiya preached on joy. He said without joy, you have no character, preaching from Galatians 5:18).

The teachings on the fruit of the spirit will last for next nine weeks.

Joy is not happiness. The two are completely different. Happiness manifest when things are right in your life; it comes from outward news that affect you. Whilst joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit; it is an inward thing that affects the outward; it comes from the heart not the bank.  

The fruit of the spirit part 3 – The Fruit Of Joy
‘Many are stressed because they don’t have the joy of the Lord. You have everything but you don’t have joy of the Lord and strength. When situations are not right, happiness will run away because it is not spiritual. When you get good news happiness and joy is there. When bad news come happiness disappears but joy will stay.

Don’t operate in the level of happiness. Don’t wait for outward conditions to bring joy to your family. Joy is not affected by your outward situations. You endure a life because the joy of the Lord is coming. God’s joy pains Satan because it is his will. You must be happy even in trouble to defeat the devil.

You are not a thermometer but a thermostat; don’t be changed by bad situations. Praise the Lord always. If you wait for a day to be happy, it may never come. Don’t wait for someone even your partner to make you happy. The joy of the Lord is your strength. The joy of the Lord will defeat the devil’         

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

People are destroyed because of lack of knowledge! The bible says the devil will create a gathering that will fight against you. 

As a child of God even when they gather against you, let them because know that as they gather, they are not gathering in the name of the LORD. So even when they gather and ploy and plan for your demise the LORD will not fight it. He will not stop that. Though they gather the important thing to remember is that the LORD will not allow your enemy to touch you.

Let your enemy create weapons against you, but remember that the LORD says , 'no weapon the enemy will forge against you will prosper!'

Today I will deal with spiritual husbands and and spiritual wives. I remember praying for a certain girl and upon laying my hand on her a spirit manifested and when I asked it, it said I am her spiritual husband.

I speak to all spiritual wives and husbands that dwell in people, if you are under the sound of my voice I cast you out in the name of Jesus.

A spiritual spouse is a spirit that marries itself to you. This spirit will come and approach you at night and becomes intimate with you. This spirit will come and marry itself to you in a way that stifles or stops you from being married.
Dealing with Spiritual Husbands and Spiritual wives by Apostle P. Sibiya
Spiritual husbands are in three part:

1. Goblins: This comes upon your life after a relative visits a witch doctor to enhance a business. This spirit will come upon a person and stops all boys from courting you.

2. Spiritual Husbands which comes as an avenging spirit: An avenging spirit is released into your family when your great grand father killed a person and in the killing of this person releases ngozi (avenging spirit.) So this means avenging spirits can come as a spirit husband.
3. Spirit husband come as spiritual Bluetooth (mubobobo): This is when a person becomes intimate with someone from a distance whilst using juju.

What does this spirit cause:
1. The spirit causes rejection in your life, and this means you will not get married because you are already married in the spirit.

2. The demon will make you look like a man even when you are a beautiful girl. The ones who are supposed to love you will see you as a man.

3. These spirits causes unnecessary sickness in your life. (A girl's father had done juju on his daughter to stop her from getting married)

4. The spirit causes lack of love and unity in the home. (I remember how a couple on their marital bed faced a challenge when the wife's voice all of a sudden became a that of a male.)

If you have been facing any of this kind of attack, be delivered in the name of Jesus.

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