By Apostle Pride Sibiya
A father is a male parent. Father means source, mentor, provider, forebearer, founder and ancestor.
The Hebrew word 'abba' and Greek 'pater' for the English 'father' denote a progenitor, nourisher, sustainer, supporter and protector.

To stay without a spiritual father is opening yourself to the world of curses(Mal 4:5-7, Ps 109:9). I am blessed because I have a father and mother spiritually, the Rev-Dr Apostle Alexander and Analyn Chsango. What of you?

Abraham had Melchizedek whom he surrendered tithes to, Moses had Jethro, Joshua-Moses, Elisha-Elijah, Jesus-John, Paul-Barnabass, Timothy and Titus-Paul. I wonder why, if the Son of God submitted to a man, why some men think they have no right to submit! While this subject has been used to manipulate and abuse people, this, in its right place is godly.
I, also, have many spiritual sons and daughters, some of which lead churches. Here are some of the roles spiritual parents should take note of:
The role of spiritual fathers.
1. Provide spiritual DNA, the essence of their offspring; that which makes the child a child.
2. Provide spiritual covering. A parent is like an umbrella, shade or roof.
3. Provide generational link from the past to the future.
4. Prophesy and release godly blessings.
5. Some sons have money and resources, some are limited. Our duty is to love all unconditionally(John 5:20).

6. Give sound doctrine/teaching(Prov 2:1, 6:20, 7:1)
7. Give gifts, release and impart spiritual gifts(Luke 11:11,Rom 1:11)
8. Be a husbandman that works out the moral and whole life of your offspring(John 15:1)
9. Present a life well lived that will be a challenge for offspring to follow you as you follow Christ (John 20:17
10) Move territorial spirits
11) Raise sons for them to realise their destiny...when they rise, support them, their prosperity is not your is your prosperity!
12) Provide discipline. Whomsoever is loved, is disciplined. To discipline is to diciple and the process involves complimenting and putting things in order in their lives. Do not be afraid of losing groceries...discipline children!
Please do not use spiritual parenting to manipulate people, steal sheep/members, get favours, siphon money and resources, cheat. To be a father or mother is a crucial role of the extension of the ministry of God who remains the Ultimate the image of God to people.
Guys, life without spiritual parents is hard. I thank God for mine and I thank God for my sons and daughters.
"Lord make me a genuine father to my generation!"
I love you all
Apostle Pride Sibiya