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Monday, 1 September 2014

The Four Characteristic Believers In Every Church

In every church there are four characteristic believers:

1. Antelopes. These are very fast in deciding on anything but when follow ups come they run away very fast. Even when a pastor comes to visit they say, tell him I am not here.

2. Wolf. These are not real Christians. They have been assigned by the devil to destroy other people's faith. They are hard to discern because on the outside they wear sheep's clothing. They seem so very good and on the outside display a high Christian standard and language, move from house to house winning people over to them then destroy their faith by word and deed. People leave church and say, I will never go to church coz so and so is a hypocrite. Waburitswa church nasatan! Kikiki
3. Goats. These are genuine believers who still are under work. They have a tag: work in progress. They love God yet still exhibit a lot of ungodly traits. They look very "Christian" yet when they get offended they act in worldly ways hence can affect other Christians. When they have a problem they do not look at dealing with the offence through the law of love, they use the law of worldly political gimmicks against the sheep...they butt(kuku-header, kukutunga) you out of church. Wadzingwa church neasiriye! These are usually very talkative and promise big things yet do not deliver. In a church, as a visitor you will think these are the pillars of the church, yet not!
The Four Characteristic Believers In Every Church
4. Sheep- these love God and are genuine Christians always seeking to do the right thing. Unfortunately they are the target of every attack of the enemy and if not careful they will complain, why me when I always try to please God? Every wold wants them and tries to move them from the assurance and safety of their trusted shepherd's rod and stuff.

These are very quiet and seem to be the most uninfluential people in church yet they are the pillars. Theses should not be taken for granted coz though goats butt them while silent, one day they will use their horn-less foreheads(of all four animals they have the strongest heads) and destroy the powers of darkness.

What number are you? What has happened to you in church? What did you decide?

Please do not leave because of people whom you don't know who sent them. Do not go to hell with detractors of Heaven, you are in Church for you soul...hatiramwe munda nekuti gudo raba muguri!

Love you all

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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