THE 2014 edition of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) hosted by Glory Ministries entered its third consecutive day.

TICC is drafted to run until the 7th of September with several distinguished preachers set to grace the yearly event.

The morning session on the spiritual way forward for the church was reserved for the founder of Glory Ministries International, Apostle Pride Sibiya.

During his visionary sermon at the ongoing week-long convention at Bethel Worship Centre, he dared the church to wake up or it will be left behind.
‘The church must wake up! Do not let those who do not know God control your finances. God is moving in supernatural ways. We must pray and preach internationally. The church must be quick to mature or it will be left behind.’

His sermon focused on the convention’s theme of Mega Souls.

‘Years back, the Lord told me to set the foundation for the church and start a ministry later. After ten years, he said I must launch a church. So, when God speaks the administration must respond otherwise the word will not come to pass. We must sacrifice to win souls. But for us to realise Mega, we have to walk in the supernatural.’

Soul winning also took precedence in his message.

‘Will you call sinners to Jesus? Will you cleanse leapers? Will you raise the dead? Will thieves come to church and become treasures? Never fear, God is with us. Mega souls are coming to Jesus, even when the economy does not permit, it will happen,’ said Apostle Sibiya, provoking the church.
The Church Must Wake Up
He also indicated Glory Ministries’ international vision.

‘The Holy Spirit is raising sons and daughters to go internationally. We must overcome international challenges. We have to shift to another level. Supernatural authority will defeat the devil. God’s Mega is to all nations.’

Contrary to circular belief, he said Glory Ministries will go very far.

‘God transcend borders. We must not corner God. We must learn to walk on the waters; that is supernatural. We will not go to nations without the Holy Spirit. The church is headed to a place where the devil will not corner the church.’

Apostle Sibiya’s prophetic affirmations were reinforced by the Zimbabwe Overseer, Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma.

‘We are going to reach nations, it does not matter your background, jump into chariots, and we are going to preach to nations. If you want your name is to be known, jump into the chariot. It’s time to possess; a time to be identified.’

Daughters of the Apostle

The second session of Mega 20 was earmarked for daughters of Glory Ministries.

Hilda Mwedzi spoke on faith.
‘Faith without deeds will fail you. Let’s win souls by our good deeds. Cast your nest into deeper wider. Remember, you have a water pot that you carrying. Leave your bad ways and follow Jesus. Illiteracy cannot stop you to bring people to Jesus. The Lord is saying go out there and bring people.’

Wadzanai Chinhengo, preaching from (Deuteronomy 6: 4; James 4: 4-5), said: ‘Don’t become adultery by leaving Jesus ways. I can never serve two masters at one time. Don’t be a small house of devil. Live according to god’s laws, you can’t serve two masters at once; you must choose one.’

‘God has a better intention for us. God wants men to prosper and leave in abundance. God has a better plan for you. You must have a kingdom mindset and know the intention that God has for you. You will not be shaken by things of this world despite what people say,’ said Precious Namane.

Live according to the word
Picking up from his stirring sermon the previous night, Apostle Alexander Chisango told believers not to be afraid and live according to the word.

‘To become a soul winner, you must be prepared to work. Some Christians are busy worrying about worldly problems. People have excuses. People fear losing opportunities while they do God’s work.’
The Church Must Wake Up

‘The will of God is that no one should perish. You have to be strong every time. You must obey the word. Poverty cannot change your life unless you allow it,’ said Apostle Chisango.