Day five of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) focused on church growth by Apostle Pride Sibiya founder of Glory Ministries.

He was picking up from the previous day's presantaion on the same topic. His presantation was crucial for Glory Ministries as it expands beyond Zimbabwean borders.

'There are four basic pocesses of launching a church including: falling down; you have to die first and ressurecting later. The procces to start a church is difficult because of fear. Fear cripples you (Isaiah 51). When God want to start something he calls individuals not a crowd and numbers will follow.'

He was also quick to address the stampede by church leaders to win souls leading to divions in the church.

'There are people who are reserved for everyone. We are not hear by mistake. We are children of destiny. A ministry is a process; it does not happen instatntly.'

The timely address was a direct challenge to leadership of smaller essemblies to soldier on. Apostle Sibiya is not a novice on how to start a church. He started the ministry in 2001 with only a handfu members. These figures increased steadily. Now Glory Ministries has more than 30 assemblies spread across three Southern african states.
 Ten Things Needed To Plant A Church 
'Don't compete against each other; compete against the vision. Don't give up; we exist to manifest the glory of God. To start a ministry you have to sacrifice. You cannot build a mega church without sacrifice. The death of a missionary, preceeds the glory of God,' he said.

Currently, many new churchs are facing similar challenges. His timely teaching pointed ten basic facets for church growth.

1. Count the cost; consider the challenges (Luke 14: 23)

2. Don't be desparate

3. Two or three are enough Mathew (18: 20; Job )

4. Don't be in a hurry; move with your own pace

5. Pray for and recruit pillars for leadership

6. Lay a foundation in prayer

7. Be a motivational leader

8. Do witnessing and follow up on membership

9. Mistakes to avoid: hurrying appointing leaders; don't be disouraged by church shifts; never count or keep church money; never discuss other people's problems publicly; don't rent expensive places and youth Pastors should not fall in love without consulting influencial people

10. Things you don't need: complimentary cards; office, hall, church registration, constitution, bank load and instruments

Uplifting Testimonies

The testimonies shared revealed the major effects the conference has done.

'When we began the conference, I was down but with the word I was uplifted. The sons and daughters uplifted me. Yesterday, I received a call from a company that I worked for asking me to train their personel,' said Pastor K Masiyenyama leading Mvurachena assembly.

Rachel Zvihwati shared an equally touching story to reveal the hand of God.
'When I came to this ministry, I had nothing. But I recently got married and I will be wedding soon. I have been revived by the conference. From day one, the word has been speaking to me. Thank you for oragnising this conference.'

International Overseer, Oveseer Masiyenyama also shared his testimony.

'We are going somewhere. The word has uplifted us.'

TICC Goes International:

The Zimbabwe Oveseer, Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma had the opporunity to officially launch TICC, 2015 to be hosted in South Africa.TICC has been held in Zimbabwe since its inception a decade ago. Next year Glory Ministries will be celebrating Apostle Sibiya's 20 years in the ministry and 10 years of TICC.

Deliverence Night:

The diliverence night opened with the Sons of Apostle presenting their gratitude to their spiritual father, Apostle Pride Sibiya.
 Ten Things Needed To Plant A Church 
'In their message of gratitude Apostle Chibanda and Pastor Changa said: 'May God help and multiply your ministry. Thank you for the love you are showing us. Thank you for what you are doing to this ministry. As you support him know that you are supporting us as well.'

The Three, Are Former Sons of Glory Ministries.

From the book of (Judges 6: 11-12 and Judges 8: 4) he said respect of God's servants is the key to prosperity. His message focused on the law of the fourth generation.

'When things are not well, God will come down as you expect, a baby is born. God's prophets are your answer to your problems. We are going to cross over. That's your solution to your life. Dont talk ill about men of God. Honour the servants of God.'

That Night, He Declared Total Deliverence.

'You are a chosen generation. You cannot buy salvation or dileverence. May God speak to your enemies. You and God are an army. Poverty is not a gift from God. You are crossing over.'

Maltitudes came in to witness miracles during the prayer session.

Indeed, we are crossing over. TICC offically closes on Sunday night.