SACRIFICE is the core foundation to build a succesful ministry, according to Apostle Jaka founder of Exahlters of Jesus Christ Ministries.

This was mentioned during a session dedicated to the Apostolic house at the Tiyamabuke International Christian Convention (TICC).

Apostle Jaka, a prominent preacher to the decade-long conference urged every member to be commited to the cause of the vision.

'A diregard of bilblical prophecies will lead us to dire consuquences. Whatever we do must be checked with biblical processes. There are things that the flock are not ready to talk about. The desicions that the Apostle makes, he makes them alone. He carries the burden alone.'

A closer bond with the visionary is a major ingridient to hoist it beyond the borders of Zimbabwe.
Respect the Apostolic!
'Don't do what you are not mandated to do. You must have an interlinked vision with the man of God. It is dfiicult to folllow an Apostle, some things might not sound rationale but we must do what God wants not what we want.'

From the book of (1 Chronicles: 11), Apostle Jaka equated serving the Apostolic vision to a marriage. Like helpers who dilligently serrved under the biblical David, followers must do as required of them.

'Followers must enter into a covenant with their leader. You have to get married to the Apostle; you must have the same relationship. If you belong to God you will not go anywhere. People are now spiritual prostitutes,' he mentioned in reference to church prostitutes who flock to diffrent churches.'

Money is the main driver of any vision to expand, he said. People must avail their resources to the church for the gospel to move on.

'You have to sacrifice your resources for the vision to expand. You cannot do your own things because you are married to the Apostle. Be married to the mandate of the vision. Don't get tired of giving.'

Desire to serve Christ

Preaching from (Acts 8), Apostle Jaka declared the coming of prosperity.

'False prohecy is false because of the source it is coming from. Be careful what you are invloved in. Desire to do well. Can one serve in a church but remain cursed. Christians are stuggling with things of life. God is serious; the curse of being poor must be broken.'

Bitterness, just like Judas is the hinderence to prosperity for many christians.

'That bitterness must be broken. The problem is that you are always critical to the church. You are opening curses to come and affect a lot of people. Small things are effective in your life.'

A deliverence session concluded the service. He revealed that the church now has capacity to treat AIDS, according to what the Lord revealed to him.

'After I pray for you; you must continue taking your medication and then get tested by a medical doctor for confirmation.'