By Apostle Pride Sibiya

You do not go to the House of the Lord, then when problems arise in your home you call  Jehovah to come to your house; you arrive in church 20 minutes before benediction becuase you were sweeping the house, yet when you need God to answer, you say, "please God, I need this miracle on time!"
  • You get R10000, and give R1 in church and expect God to give you houses and cars. 
  • You do not spend time in the presence of God yet you want to hear his voice clearly.
    You want to sing like an angel yet you want to live like a demon.
  • You want to be married for life in a blessed "happily-ever-after" tale yet you are dating
    someone's someone husband.
  • When you finally become a parent you want obedient children and yet your own body,
    from the time you were a youth, it has everyone's fingerprints.
  • You are praying that God gives you a succesful business and you are robbing from your employer.
  • You want people to submit to you yet you are rebellious.
MUST READ: What you sow is what you reap!
God's answer: "Do not be misled, what you sow is what you reap!" Father Abraham lied, and Isaac his son lied.

Miriam spoke against a man of God (Moses), and the God of the man spoke against her. People rebelled against Moses and gave God their fire, God rebelled against their fire and said it was strange fire.

Jezebel had Naboth killed and dogs partied on him, Jezebel was thrown down, died and dogs ate her before burial. The husband got shot and dogs licked his blood.

Hamaan put special gallows to execute Modecai, he was executed on those gallows. Jesus gave his life for a ranson, was given it back. Annanias lied against the Holy Ghost subtracting the money they declared, they subtracted their days on earth. The law governs all of us! What you sow is what you reap! "Devil, every seed of sorrow, defeat, poverty, sickness and despair, I abort it and say, whatever you sowed in my life, REAP now, you and your dark Kingdom!"

All my love.

Apostle Pride Sibiya