THE Thursday night segment of the 2014 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) could be defined as sanctified.

The explosive night rolled into action with performances by various Glory Ministries assemblies.

Presently, the ministry has more than 30 assemblies under its administration – and still growing. During the same night, various assembly leaders were introduced to the conference to speak on developments at the various centers.

The recent addition to the growing Glory Ministries assemblies, St Mary's revealed that their numbers are growing. The assembly was launched after a prophetic declaration by Apostle Pride Sibiya during the recently held Revival in June.

The recitals by the assemblies elevated worshipers’ spirits.
Get ready, mega grace is coming
Bethel Worship Centre elevated the anticipating audiences’ sweet tunes. Punctured with lively dancing, their moves swayed souls of worshipers during the windy Thursday night.

The night really confirmed that joy is not a monopoly of the secular community? Indeed, the devil is being defeated.

Southlea Park assembly, a newly launched assembly won the hearts of worshipers with their drums and chanting prowess.

The main speaker of the day was Apostle Alfred Jaka, of Exalters of Jesus Christ Ministries.
Preaching from (Ephesians 2: 6), he said.

‘I want to declare a season of exceeding grace to this church. It will not be a struggle. You will not measure it. If we are still taking a census, we have not started. If you can explain what has happened, it is not God. I declare immeasurable, not only in souls but finances.’

He raised the house with his emphatic prophetic declarations.

‘It depends where do want to draw from. God has reserved mega grace for this generation. With grace, you don’t need to sweat. I see some grace coming in this church.’

His affirmations were in covenant with previous speakers.

‘This season, I am declaring now; I want to tell you people will come to church and say God visited us. I declare a season of mega grace. The grace of God will break every barrier in your life. I want to declare abundant grace upon your life,' he declared.
Get ready, mega grace is coming
With three more days left, many believers cannot wait for more declarations at TICC.