Tiyambuke International Christian Convention 2014: Wednesday 03 September 2014 dubbed the TICC opening night started on a high note with the Kabod Youth Praise taking ove the praise and worship.

When Apostle P. Sibiya stood at the altar, he declared under the power and anointing of the LORD the: 'the wait is officially over! The Holy Spirit has spoken.' He went on to tell the congregant how 'The addition of the Tiyambuke International Christian Convention 2014 has officially commenced.' Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit Apostle Sibiya highlighted how 'The convention has now been elevated to become and international brand in the christian community.'

This year's episode of the Glory ministry brand event dubbed Tiyambuke will run from the 2nd-7th of September at Bethel Worship Centre in Chitungwiza. Under the theme 'Mega Souls!' The convention is targeting to recruit and bring into the kigndom more lost souls to the Lord. Tiyambuke is a Shona word meaning crossing over.

An ambiance that has exuded over the years, was this year highlited with an equally matching overzelous congregate. In his remarks Apostle Sibiya said: "We thank you father (Apostle A. Chisango) for being here, you are a blessing to us. Thank you for coming with the blessing that you carry. He is also a Reverend, Apostle and Doctor."
Apostle Alexander Chisango: We Are Cleansed By The Word
Apostle A. Chisango: We Are Cleansed By The Word!
The special moment was reserved for Anouya Sibiya, by Apostle Sibiya to offer a gift of car (a mazda 323 familiar) to Apostle Alexander Chisango, the spiritual father to Apostle Sibiya. The 2014 edition gathering was graced by various christian leaders from various ministries and assemblies.

Indeed, it is a truly blessed conference with over 1 000 congregates present during the opening night.

Apostle A. Chisango: (Haggai 2) 'There is a level we are being called to reach with God. God is calling us to cross over, from whatever to reality. There are things which we should be worried about wether you get married, wirtches. You must just know that you have them.'

'There are things that must cross over. Our story must change. We must change place that we are found. You are crossing over, from fake christianity. There are things greater you are called to become.'

He went through the journey of the Isralites in captivity.

"When you are coming back, you start with the Lord's house. When you build His house, he will build your house. When God was speaking there was financial shortages and enemies. According to the word, not to the newspapers not according to your pocket.

He declared that: "Every time God opens his mouth to make a promise, he is making a convenant. He can sacrifice his Son as an assurance that God gave us. Jesus is of different order, that I cannot deny you. How can he fail to give us everything if he did not spare His only child."

The International speaker continued.  "When He spoke to their father, he was speaking to them. What God spoke to Moses, he was cancelling all the confusion. I am cancelling every false and failed dream. You need to know the Holy Spirit is with you. Even if this generation is fatherlesness, when God speaks, whatever the devil has said will be cancelled.

"Fear not, I cancell any other spirit. Only His Spirit takes over your businees and your family. You are crossing over from what they say in the streets and villages. There is no room for fear in your life. You are not a stranger to silver and gold because everything on earth belongs to him. It is not a mistake or taboo for a 10 year-old child to own properties. Live on a new culture based on the new convenant. It is not a sin for your wife to be rich."

He said to the expectant crowd: "Tonight, sons and daughters will prophesy. Peter was failure as fisherman. But when he followed Christ, his life was changed. If you do not recieve the word, you will go home worse. The word cancells you disqualification for dominion. All your wickedness is cancelled by receiving the word. You are clean to become prosperous just by hearing the word and believing it with faith."

The convention continues until Sunday, the 7th of September.