Greetings, hopefully you have read through my other articles on curses:

1. What Is A Curse?,
2. Why do Christians get cursed? and
3. Causes of Curses.

Here I will look at the sources of curses and how to get rid of curses:

1. Satan and Workers Of Satan. These are on earth to try and fight the mandate of God in your life and release curses at any opportunity available. These include satanists, witches, wizards, witchdoctors, satanic prayer-houses consulted on your behalf by those who want you cursed. These may be close or distant relatives as well. Numbers 22 and especially 22:5-6 is central.

2. You. You can be a source of personal curses. What you continually confess over your life will come to pass so if you confess negative, that is exactly what will happen. Speaking positively is not lying about your situation. Even when you are sick say, I am in pain BUT by His wounds I am healed. Death and life is in the power of your tongue, the Bible says(Prov 18:20-21). Never confess:

- I am dying.
- I will never be married.
- I will never prosper.

This is not just positive thinking, it is creating a world aroung you with your words coz you are like God who calleth the things that be not as though they were. (Rom 4:17)
Sources Of Curses and Breaking Curses - A Must Read!
3. Other people. Other people, not necessarily directly used of satan can curse you for different reasons the greatest ones being bitterness and jelousy. When you pass a group of people wearing your new outfit some may mumble, "huh huh with that beauty you will never get married." Some may curse your marriage because you promised them marriage then married another without proper release, some because you are too succesful, some because you have become too powerful they can't destroy you in any other way except spiritually. Relatives may have jelousy on one of their own they think is prosperous in their stead or instead of vake ndovanongoroorwa, ko vanguwo?

N.B. To deal with the first 3 is very easy if you do not have legal grounds for the devil in your life.

4. God or God's workers. It is amazing for some that God Himself can curse His people. When we run and dis-align ourselves from God He can curse us. This is the most difficult of all curses coz with the other 3 we can report to God. Who do you report God to if he curses you. Deut 28:20 "The Lord shall send upon thee curses..." In 1 Sam 16:14-12,23 a demon was sent by GOD to trouble Saul. Not worshipping God may bring a curse(Mal 2:2), not tithing (Mal 3:8-9), in short, continual disobedience against the will of God will lead to curses. Read Deut 28:15ff.

So how do we counter curses? 
To overcome curses, you will need either 1 or more of these antiviruses/antibiotics:
1. Receive Jesus Christ
2. Renounce your sins to a servant of God if need be. If you have any amulets, concoctions, juju, surrender them to a man/woman of God. If you know you did wrong and hurt another person, ask for forgivess.
3. Declare/write the curses you know
4. Reverse them by your own mouth or if you need help do it with a servant of God.
5. Erase every curse by the blood of Jesus.
6. Declare positives on your life.
7. Tithe and receive declarations of open Heavens as you tithe from a servant of God.

More may need to be done if your curse is deeper that what is discussed here. Continue doing this and get more from your servant of God. I encourage you to buy my DVD called, The Power of a Curse and Deliverance Manuals online or in print. Read more of my posts and notes.

"Father I pray for this my pal, I release your grace that whatever curse is on their lives may be dissolved from now in Jesus' name. We erase every curse by the blood of Jesus, now and command every spirit behind the curse to leave now!"

Be blessed, never cursed.

I love you all!

Apostle Pride Sibiya.