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Saturday, 17 May 2014

When the church is small then we need strategies that make it grow. It is a fact that all the time people move in and out of the church and that can never be stopped. The solution of growth is in having less people leave than those that come in. When in health, 100 people are born and 80 in the mid years die the increase is 20. However because of medical advances the tide may be turned and whilst 100 are born the number of those dying goes down to 30 there is a natural increase.

The Importance of the cell group
 We have a mega-nation! When we are able to retain more members and maintain the inflow, then we have a mega-church in the making. We must be serious about the people that keep leaving the church, like Jesus: When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” (John 6:12) Also look at Jesus way: “That the saying might be fulfilled, which he spake, Of them which thou gavest me have I lost none” (John 18:9). How do we manage the leaving of people? Through diligent cell groups!

The Importance of the cell group

How then do you make sure that everyone participates in evangelism of their own community and bring the people into church without big and expensive programmes like crusades? Crusades are good but it is easier through the cell group because:

At crusades people are not very close to you as in is a cell group.
Follow up is easier in cell groups because those you bring personally you will easily see their going down than when thousands are at crusade
Cell groups need no special budget like the crusade
In the crusade, the speakers become the superstars but in the cell groups the whole body of Christ participates

After having said all, so do we do away with crusades? 
Absolutely not, let us have them but they need to be in partnership with cell group systems.

When people get many in a Mega church people become just another face in the crowd. They feel alienated, lonely and aimless. The Sunday service of the local Mega church is like the Temple church that was in Jerusalem in the early church. However how could the early church manage the people with such a growth with only 12 apostles and 7 deacons:12-120-3120-8120-8385? The answer was simple: through smaller groups, house to house ministry, the cell church: let the deacons open up their houses so that people meet in smaller groups, have them invite friends and neighbours to their home meetings, bring them to the “Temple” on Sunday so that the pastor will not have to be visiting all 9000 people but frees him to prayer and ministry, preaching teaching and equipping the saints: Ac 2:46 And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart. We inspire people in large groups, life-change happens in small groups!
Ac 5:42 And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. also look at Acts 16:40,Rom 16:3-5 and Phil 2.

The Importance of the cell group
According to John Wesley the most important part of the church is the cell church, the sections. He valued these and put more emphasis on the cell church than on the Sunday service. Being an ardent follower of John Wesley myself for years i see the results that this brought so much success to his organisation which later metamophesised into the Methodist Church. The cell is a group usually not of more than 20 families that meets under the banner of a church to bring church closer home and also to emphasise on discipleship, evangelism and fellowship. The cell is more advantageous in that:

  • People are closer therefore know one another personally and this helps in times of need. The leader knows everyone personally.
    Since it is like the smaller opening of the bigger net, evangelism is spontaneous.
  • It is smaller hence more manageable than the bigger service.
  • It is a platform for the five-fold and other ministries to be fully trained and matured before great exposure comes by giving all members a chance to minister to others. It is here that the section leaders must discover, groom and release the gifting of individuals. Here all are free to participate.
  • People feel like they are part and parcel of the revival going on, they take ownership of the vision.
  • In it people are free to ask questions hence better understand, also share intricate details and prayer requests with fewer people.
  • It is smaller hence easier to notice that someone has backslidden or is in need. Visiting the sick, helping people in need is easier.
  • It is the easiest platform to retain members since Jesus is against wastage of resources especially human: Joh 6:12 “When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” 
  • The enemy of the industrious evangelist is the devil but in this fight, the cell leader and cell which does not preserve the harvest is his biggest let-down. 
  • We are a team and must work together to accomplish what the coach expects of us.
  • Apart from Wesley, one of todays greatest church planter, David paul Yongii Cho has used this model to build a massive mega-church which was formerly regarded as the World’s biggest church which, as of December 2001 had more than 800 000 members. 
The cell church is this important and therefore we need to know that the cell church is very important in our church growth!

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Friday, 16 May 2014

We are moving in the supernatural...
Its Supernatural
I am driving towards St Mary's then someone at Waterfalls' Zindoga calls me to thank me for directing a customer to buy her 20 litre engine cleaner. She is told by the customer, uyu murume uyo ndiye atiti titenge kwamuri. She argues with me that I am ikoko and that she actually saw me with her own eyes, just that she failed to greet me since she was now busy with the customer who bought the 20 litres. She had initially lost her intended customers.

She just saw NOT dreamt, the angel of the house. Remember on Sunday, I declared supernatural miracles as I finished the message on the supernatural?

Expect your own visitation and miracle!

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The general feeling of people is that you will be able to do great exploits when the Lord has visited you and blessed you. 

For instance people will tell you that, “only if God will bless me I will do ... for Him” yet it is not about waiting for God to bless you because He has already given you a deposit of the blessing and will give the full-payment when you start doing the job. It is like hiring out someone: You give them the deposit, and then as they progress with the work you give them more resources. 

If they wait for the full payment you will not trust them and will never pay them until you see some progress. People who wait for God to bless them and honour them before they can do exploits will ultimately die without accomplishing anything! People wait for a “special” anointing, apart from the Holy Spirit in us, before they go out to preach...we wait to be mystical ... God has already given you something and you are to do great things with the “little” so that when you are faithful with little He will entrust you with the “much,” that is the principle. If you wait for the “much,” without showing faithfulness with the “little,” the much will not come.

Though with little, it is time to arise and go!

God’s way: Arise and go, then i will speak!
God speaks to Jeremiah to “arise and go” to the potter’s house so that He may speak with him there. A few questions beset Jeremiah:

  • Why can’t God just speak to me here since He has already started the process?
  • What if I get to his house and he asks me why I am there, what will I say?
  • If he calls the police would an explanation that, God has spoken to me, satisfy the police? And many other questions!

In-spite of all these, the command had to be followed, arise and go. Jeremiah could have chosen not to obey and would have lost the prophetic word. God is teaching us here that, he will speak a little, just to command us to arise and go, so that the whole revelation may be given after we have already arisen and gone. Often in our lives we have very acceptable reasons for us not to arise and go to do what God has called us to do and these good reasons, not the devil are the very things that cripple us until we die. Heroes are people who made it regardless of the prevailing situation.
First Mistake: Waiting For Your Breakthrough!
First Mistake: Waiting For Your Breakthrough!
 There never will be a conducive climate for you to arise and go, and that is good enough a reason for you not to arise and go, but heroes will arise and go even when the conditions are not right and conquer.
  • Top story: Slave boy, “rapist” becomes Prime Minister in a foreign land.
  • Joseph had very good reasons not to excel in life:
  • He was the eleventh child and second from last only before Benjamin, therefore culturally irrelevant. First-borns are natural leaders and lasts are usually followers.
  • Joseph had a very traumatic past of being abused by his own kith and kin, hence had very low self-esteem. People with low self esteem cannot handle the yoke of leadership.
  • He was a foreigner and a slave. Foreigners do not handle civil offices and especially top posts like P.M. Slaves are meant to work in the fields not to direct the affairs of a nation.
  • He was “convicted” of rape charges of a very senior statesman’s wife. In Zimbabwe you are put together with murderers and stay under leg-chains. Before you hold civil offices of that nature your criminal records are checked and Joseph had a very bad one.
An inferior slave boy who happens to be a foreigner, with criminal records will never become prime minister in a foreign land...or is it so. Not so for people who will arise and go to interpret the kings dream even when they are coming from Chikurubi. You see, most of us destroy our success because we say, “when God blesses me with  a house in Borrowdale, then the king will know about me, then I will arise and go to interpret the king’s dream!” Oh no, God does not work that way...at least in your case...you will arise and go even from that seemingly sorry state and as you are going he will bless, heal and increase you.

A number of examples come to mind:
  • A number of times, He told Abraham to arise and go...to a land I WILL show you!
  • The lepers that Jesus told to go to the priest. He did not first heal them, but as they were going, they were healed.
  • In most cases Jesus would say, “arise take up, your bed and walk.” As they arose they were healed. We want it to be, “be healed, and therefore, take up your bed....” We first arise and as we take up our bed and go, we get healed.
God will never give you the full breakthrough, resources, health and vision until you raise your leg and to decide to step on the waters. As long as you stay in the boat and wait for the water to turn to hard ice before you step on it you will die in the boat, just arise and go... long as the priests fear for their lives and wait for God to stop Jordan before they can step in then Israel will not cross over, He said the priests must step in to ankle deep first then the waters will part...just arise and go!... if John the revelatory will wait for Jesus to heal his blindness and take him to a palace in Rome so he can write the book of Revelation we will have no Revelation... just arise and write, even in a dungeon cell on an island in Patmos. Joseph, if you decide to wait till you are back in Canaan to be fruitful and govern you will die in prison arise and go...interpret the dream and become governor...you can still prosper in a foreign land.
First Mistake: Waiting For Your Breakthrough!
First Mistake: Waiting For Your Breakthrough!
Ephraim goes before Mannaseh: Dr Mensa Otabil
Though Joseph had gone through the process of God, he did not fully understand the sequence of God. Joseph bore two sons: first Manasseh, second Ephraim (Gen 41:50-52).

Manasseh means forgetting because Joseph thought; God has delivered me from my toil and my father’s house. Manasseh was first. That is important. Ephraim came later, and the name means fruitful, as Joseph remembered that, God made me fruitful in a land of my affliction. Ephraim was second, that is important. In short for, for Joseph deliverance (Manasseh) comes first before fruitfulness (Ephraim). This is exactly what we think: when this happens then I will be that! This is the reason why we look for prophet after prophet to lay hands on us because we believe we must first be delivered before we can become fruitful, so we board planes to look for a season when all must be well before we can do great exploits. Yet Joseph got a rude awakening: it is fruitfulness first then deliverance (and note, I am not talking about deliverance from demons but from situations around our lives!)

When he brought the boys to be blessed (Genesis 48:13-20) by his departing father, he took Ephraim/ fruitful in his right hand toward his father’s left hand and Manasseh/deliverance in his left that is towards his father’s right. In short Joseph was giving pre-eminence to deliverance before fruitfulness. However Joseph had the shock of his life when Jacob taught that by God’s doing the second, fruitfulness comes first and the man’s first, deliverance comes second: you can still be fruitful even in the midst of your challenges! Do not wait for the challenges to be over before you decide to be fruitful: you can still be fruitful, even in the land of your affliction: it is Ephraim! PRAY!

The Apostle’s life testimony
Years ago, in 1992, I developed problems with migraine headaches. This is a condition that causes splitting headaches, nausea , loss of focused vision, loss of proper speech, not to mention the confusion and paralysing effect it brings. It is a whole mess when these headaches do come. With them, you cannot do much especially with the extent they do attack me.

They are such a thorn in the flesh that I will do everything to fight them till I die, if need be. I hate migraines, they are my enemy forever.

When God called me I believed they would just go away. They did not. I did the work of God and started praying for the sick and many with migraine conditions were healed, I was not. This really turned me off and I started complaining to God and expected Him to least say something. He did not! I got really mad. I gave God an ultimatum...if I have another migraine, I will not preach again...then I had another migraine...I wanted to stop preaching but I could not ... something inside told me that I cannot forsake my purpose. However I got so discouraged to the point that I spent my whole days crying. Pressure to consult traditional healers and fake prophets from all over was forevermore mounting on me as doctor after doctor confirmed that the condition had no feasible solution. I prayed the more for my healing but it got rather worse.

Then, almost by accident I bumped into and bought a book by Paul David Yongii Choo entitled, Suffering:Why me?    That book was God’s answer to me. The writer was pastor of the world’s biggest church and I envied him so much for such a great accomplishment. I imagined him to be a very astute man who would be so impressive. I thought that, in the book, he would be theologising about what he had studied on theodicy (the study of God’s righteousness in the light of the suffering in the world). As I continued studying the man’s life, I realised that the man had had a so troubled life, yet decided to be fruitful anyhow.

Amongst other things, he had:
  • Been ill with pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis twice
  • Had fainted before his congregation whilst ministering and had to have the church carry him to hospital
  • Had been told by doctors to leave ministry and find a less-stressful job
  • Had people rebel from his church
  • Had rumours of sexual misconduct levelled against him
  • Started the world’s biggest church with only 5 members!
Against the backdrop of all this, Choo still pastured the largest church assembly which then went on to grow to 800 000 members in one assembly! The guy decided he would not first wait for his breakthrough/ deliverance before he could be fruitful...he became fruitful in a land of affliction! I thought only first world, wealthy, healthy pastors would have the greatest churches. Is God trying to say something to us :maybe that  “Not of works, lest any man should boast” (Eph 2:9) ... maybe that, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us”(2Co 4:7). that.

I have decided I will go by God’s order and not my own desired order: fruitfulness first then deliverance, though frankly speaking, humanly I would have preferred deliverance first then fruitfulness.
Years have gone by and I still have the migraines, which I pray will be over soon but I have not let my captivity restrain me from being fruitful. I will be fruitful even in the land of my affliction. I turned to God and said, “God, am so sorry for wanting to arm-twist you into my plan, give me grace to fulfil my call regardless of what my life is like, I am here for You not for me, Your will be done not mine. If you heal me, I will work for you the rest of my life...if you will not heal me, I will work for you the rest of my life ... I decide to be fruitful as I wait for my deliverance!”

MORALE: Your greatest hindrance may be to wait for the right time and situation. Do not wait for that, be fruitful even the conditions are not right for being fruitful. “Bloom wherever you  are planted!” As we enter into the season of the mega, let us not wait for deliverance, let us just arise and go and as we do that we will be delivered.
First Mistake: Waiting For Your Breakthrough!

First Mistake: Waiting For Your Breakthrough!

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One of the ways that will help us to arise and go is the fact that you are passionate about the thing that you should arise and go for. In the season we are to Arise and Go, to build a mega church, build mega finances, business and the like. Do we have the passion? How do spiritual gift manifest? When we “...desire spiritual gifts...” (1 Corinthians 14:1).

What is passion?
The word, passion, has a great number of meanings but in this presentation we stick to one. This is the one meaning strong feeling or agitation of mind. To agitate means to: disturb, perturb, to excite, to discuss, to stir violently, and to keep moving (Chambers concise Dictionary 1988). Thesaurus defines passion as fervour, ardour (eagerness, devotion, dedication and commitment), obsession, infatuation, excitement, zeal, craze, delight or strong feelings. Both concur that passion basically deals with strong feelings or emotions.
The Jabez Passion
In one of my presentations: “Laws of the Spirit; The law of desire and desperation”: I highlighted that the amount of evaporation in the is directly affected by the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. If the atmosphere has high humidity, full of vapour evaporation is low, but when the atmosphere has low humidity or, in our language, is thirsty then evaporation is high. The scripture tell us that, blessed are the thirsty for they shall be filled. What you are going to get out of this season is a direct outcome of the level of desire and desperation you have. Passion is the cruel slave-master that will keep whipping your back to keep you going on even when you feel like you have given your all already (Sibiya). People without a strong desire or passion start off with others to impress men but soon give up, but if the passion is in you, you will push on. In a number of Bible scriptures many things are accomplished not just by the will of God but by the zeal of God: 2 Kings 19:31, Isaiah 9:7, 37:32. You cannot do great for the house of God unless, the zeal of His house has consumed you or eaten you up (John 2:17). This is also true about your business, degree, company, marriage, gift, ministry and all.

This guy is from the Judah clan (Gen 49:8-12).
Jewish parents never gave children names randomly. They would sit down and meditate, look at their surrounding circumstances, their history and look at the desired end of the child then decide a name. The names were highly prophetic. After the mother bore him in much sorrow and had no expectation of anything good in his life, she called him Jabez. Being born in sorrow does not mean you should die in sorrow. I always say, to be born poor is not by choice and not a sin but to die poor is a choice and criminal. Job (8:7) exhorts us by saying that, though your beginning was small, yet thy later end shall greatly increase. Actually Job 42:12 tells us that, “so the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning...” Ecclesiastes 7:8 tells us that, “better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” This is the mega season and all those who were in the small and insignificant must be transformed...the mega question...are you passionate about the change?
The name, Jabez means “sorrowful” or “one who is causes sorrow.” It means, “to grieve.” This is the set up in which Jabez finds himself in...yet he refused to die in the situation around him. Jabez had a passion. He looked at his history; brothers, his boundaries and all that beset him and decided to be passionate about change in his life. He decided to fight through the walls that kept him inside the box for something bigger...he realised that his God was bigger than the prophecies spoken against his life and in bout of holy passion turned even a prophecy upside down. Passion is that powerful.

Can passion change destiny?
We will examine a few examples then together come up with a conclusive response:
Esau (Gen 27:30-40). We all know that Esau’s blessing was stolen by Jacob. When he came back from the field and discovered what Jacob had done he did not just relax or fight Jacob. He was so passionate about the blessing that he kept on knocking on the heavens door. Passionless people are never persistent. His father told him that he had already blessed Jacob...he cried with a great and exceedingly bitter cry...he asked for a blessing regardless of what his father said...the father told him that the blessing was already gone...he asked if there was no reserved blessing...father said Esau was to serve Jacob...he lift up his voice and wept asking if there was not even one blessing left...

This was an interesting father-son talk that shows how passionate Esau was for the blessing. After this Jacob was forced to pronounce a blessing which had mixed fortunes. He gives him the fatness of the earth, dew of heaven but tells him that he will leave by the sword and serve Jacob. He then went on to say a very important, but overlooked statement: “and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, thou shalt break his yoke from off their neck.” (Genesis 27:40c). In response to Esau’s passion Isaac was forced to make Jacob’s hold over Esau conditional. If he got the dominion he would set himself free from serving under Jacob and nullify Genesis 25:23. How do you gain dominion and break the yoke: through passionate struggle! Passion altered what Jacob had first made a certainty into conditional and by the time Jacob came back home Esau was a wealth man too (Gen 33:9).

Apostle P. Sibiya preaching at Bethel Worship Centre
Hezekiah (1 Kings 20:1-5,Isaiah 38:1-5). In the accounts, the King is told that the time of his death is nigh and should therefore put his house in order. This is an edict of God not of man. However the guy is so passionate about life that he begins to open his history book and recount his righteous walk and all the good deeds he did before God. Then all of a sudden God changes the man’s destiny and gives him a further fifteen years to live. Passion was not the direct thing that effected this change but it pushed the King not to just lie in his bed and accept things as they are but to arise and make a clear challenge before the Creator of the earth. Passion made him reject the first pronouncement over his life
So the question still remains; can passion change your destiny?

Does passion conquer alone?
The answer is a definite “no!” Passion alone will accomplish almost nothing or at most a confused result. A number of things need to be partnered with passion:

Passion and righteousness. To be righteous means, to be in right standing with God. Even if you have passion but live against the will of God then you will not see even your promised land. Moses was passionate about Canaan but his passion only got him to see it from a mountain because he disobeyed God. Live by the standards and principles of God and let us build God’s work with holy hands.

Passion and partners. When you have a passion you will have to pray to God that he gives you submissive and loyal partners who see what you see. David desired the water from the well in Bethlehem and his loyal guys got it regardless of the barricade against them. You will not go it alone, you need partners. Jesus needed 12 guys to be around him always!

Passion and the glory. Passion without setting up excellent standards and capacity will get us nowhere. Before we talk about a “blessing with which we will not be able to find room for” or “overflowing cup” let us “enlarge the place of our tent, stretch forth the the curtains of our habitation and spare not, lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes...before we break forth to the right and the left, inherit Gentiles and make desolate cities inherited!”

Passion and prayer. Jabez prayed himself out of sorrow, we too should never under-estimate the potency of prayer. Prayer moves things in the heavenlies and is a proof of our dependany on God. We need passionate prayer...P.U.S.H pray until something happens.

Passion and knowledge. Romans 10:2 tells us: “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.” A wild horse has all the passion and energy and is dangerous. It only becomes useful by being tame and the process includes giving it knowledge and a discipline it once never had. Zeal without knowledge is like a moving car without a driver! Every minister in addition to the anointing must be an ardent reader and researcher, to balance the power in them...all spirit without knowledge you blow up...all knowledge without spirit, you dry up...spirit plus knowledge, you grow up!
Passion and love. Though knowledge is central to this process, knowledge without love is a recipe for falling. This is because knowledge alone leads to pride (1 Corinthians 8:1c). Yes it is true knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. Let us learn to build the Kingdom through the Kingdom motive: love and love alone. It edifies.

The effect of Jabez’s passion
The passion of Jabez pushed him to change his destiny. He was born in and prophesied to die in sorrow, grief and pain but he refused to die the way he was born. This passion led him to call and the Hebrew word there means to cry, shout, preach, proclaim, invite, pronounce, read, say and publish but with a passionate stance. After that passionate prayer of increase, he was asking God to move into a mega phase: “...Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me..!”(1 Chronicles 4:10) he asked for these:

Blessing/ barak to kneel. Usually used in the sense of blessing God, which leads God to bless you. Means also to congratulate, to praise, to salute.

Enlargement and increase. Rebah to increase, bring in abundance, lift up to authority, grow, multiply, make to be bigger, make mega. Coast means boundary.

The hand of God. Represents divine direction

Preservation evil grief. asah advance, appoint, bear, bestow. Evil is ra: distress, affliction, bad, displeasure, harm, hurt, mischief, misery, vex, sorry, wickedness, sadness sore and wretchedness.
In response God, who is identified as Elohim in the text, granted him his request. Elohim means, the supreme God which translates to the highest, best, ultimate absolute greatest God, who can reverse all that has been destined over you. Elohim gave him honour. The Hebrew word for honour is kabad. Kabad shares the same root with the prophetic name given our father and hence came to be the name of the ministry. Kabad means numerous, rich, honorable; to make weighty, abounding with, glorify, be (make) glorious (things), glory, (very) great, harden, be (make) heavy, be heavier, lay heavily, honour, (be) honourable (man), make self many, nobles, prevail, promote (to honour), be rich.

MORALE: let us be passionate about the season of the mega and we will have dominion and break the yoke of smallness from off our necks. However we are blessed and have the prophetic word on us and the Angel of God is with us! The season is here and grow must we. Get tired of inadequacies in your life!

PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE JABEZ PRAYER

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Hallo Guys! Even if you are in a hard marriage where your wife seems to be all the opposite of what you ever dreamt of, you can still mould her. 

Did you know that according to the Bible it is the prerogative of the man to mould a wife of his dreams...not her aunt, not your pastor, not your mother. These are just auxillaries but the onus is on a man...and any woman can change unless if she has other deliverance issues. 

Women need love and attention ..."...God help me to love and be attentive to Anna." Pray the same prayer but put your wife name! The kind of love our wives need was demonstrated by Jesus Christ, hence Paul exhorts us to love our wives as Jesus loves the Church. Most of us have no problems appreciating other men's wives except ours. We must appreciate our own wives ... not small house or another's wife. 

Since love, for women, is a NEED not WANT, women tend to mis-function and become "knives" if they do not feel loved by their own. Loving, the Jesus way may turn that knife into a wife again. 

This is the three-fold type of love Jesus exhibited to us:

1. Sacrificial Love: He knew He had to die for His wife. To sacrifice is to lose something you knew you ought to have to give away something valuable. Men ought to be ready to sacrifice some friends, money, relations, properties, fame and the like in-order to win their wives. A woman will fight anything she thinks steals your attention from her. There are arguments you must be willing to lose just to win your wife. You must be prepared to die for your wife. That is

Your So-Called "Knife" Needs Love To Be A "Wife."
Your So-Called "Knife" Needs Love To Be A "Wife."
2. Forgiving Love: Jesus had good intentions for his wife but His wife led Him to the cross! What did He say? "Forgive them Papa they know not what they do," though he could have called 10 000 angels to destroy them. The Church has been married to Christ, waiting for wedding, but what scandals happen in Church...thousands! Guys, women have many short-falls and do a lot of things that are so boring(usually not intentional). Some discuss our short-comings with friends, compare us, publish our issues, disrespect us and some WhatsApp with past lovers. Some drive the car into the wall, break glass, play and fail in college, misuse money. How do you respond when your wife has put you to the cross like this?: "Father forgive her, she knows not what she does, she is just a woman!" I know it is not as easy as I am saying it! Forgive your wife, you are the man of the house, you are papa, you can do it!

3. Perfecting Love; Jesus returned to Heaven but sent Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to perfect his wife. She was married but not perfect. Remember your wife and you have not gone to a school of marriage. You have the pic of the wife you want... from dressing, body odour, lingerie, class, culture, taste, food, and all. Do not expect your wife to "prophesy" your expectations and what you fantasize even in the bedroom. Be clear and mold your own wife: a wife comes as raw materials not as a finished product!

Perfect your own wife not lusting after a woman another man has perfected alone. Love, love love is the greatest weapon you can ever use to transform a knife into a wife! I wish I knew this ever since. Pray with me: "Lord, please help me and my brother to be the husband you intendedus to be. Our own human love will not suffice so please give us the agape kind of love, the love of God in us for our wives and families. We receive Jesus Christ the ultimate lover, love personified! Amen." Love you brothers! 

By Apostle Pride Sibiya with Pastor Anna Sibiya

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